500-kV XLPE Underground Cable Line Construction for Sustainainability Electric Power Transmission in City Centers


  • Edy Roy Antonius Sidabutar University of Indonesia


Keywords: Overhead line, Underground cable, Cable, 500 kV, Transmission, Investment cost, Construction Cost, Ratio.


Abstract. 500-kV Underground Cable transmission line design is a type of design that has never been applied in transmission line construction in Indonesia. Even around the world, 500 kV Underground Cable designs are still limited scale. Actually, electric power transmission line grid systems in Indonesia with a voltage rating 500 kV has been applied, but only in Java island with Overhead Line transmission line model, and it’s a backbone of the Java-Bali power grid system. Currently, PLN have a Jakarta Looping transmission system project 500 kV Extra High Voltage. This project has a potential delays due to land problems and social constraints along the route. Given that Jakarta is a capital city with a very high population, the construction of a tower transmission line will be a special challenge to complete the transmission project, where the process of land acquisition and compensation costs under along the route (ROW) will also be a special thing. In this research, we will try to estimate the construction cost for the 500 kV Underground Cable as an alternative to the project for other types of aerial cables. The route length will be adjusted into 4 categories of the overhead line route 1)a half of the overhead line route, 2)same with the overhead line, 3) 1.5 times of overhead line, and last 4) 2 times of overhead line. From the estimated calculations with these 4 categories, it is obtained the ratio of construction costs with underground cable designs to the overhead line design is smaller than cost of ratio for the same project design in Europe and/or America. It’s feasible to execute in urban area like Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung, but not feasible for outside urban area. 


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