Model of the Influence of Construction Management Components on the Achievement of Road Preservation Quality with Long Segment Schemes on National Roads in West Kalimantan


  • Marhara Tua University of Indonesia


Keywords: construction management, road preservation, long segment, reliability test, frequency analysis, RII analysis, Rank Spearman analysis, multiple linear regression.


Abstract. West Kalimantan is the fourth largest province after Papua, East Kalimantan, and Central Kalimantan with a land area of 146.807 km². The length of the national roads in this province is 2.117,17 km with road stability rating of 93,88%. The characteristics of construction quality and the contribution of the construction management component to quality achievement need to be identified and analyzed, so that road preservation work can be carried out effectively and efficiently. This study aims to obtain the desired quality characteristics in road preservation with a long segment scheme, as well as the contribution of construction management components to the intended quality achievement. The questionnaire was distributed to stakeholders of National Road network preservation in West Kalimantan Province. Results show that both owners and service providers agree that (1) design accuracy, (2) understanding of method, schedule and design, and (3) quality accuracy are the highest rank components of construction management. Multiple linear regression formulates that X5 – Design and Supervision is the variable with the most impact on quality of road preservation with long segment scheme. 


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